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Waveforms on Laptop In Use by Panel

Generally, there are 6 stages to the monitoring process.  Our Start-to-Finish Monitoring Solution has addressed your needs at each stage to maximize your efficiency and eliminate possible sources or error.  The result is success in accomplishing your goals. The PowerSight Start-to-Finish Monitoring Solution is the culmination of over 25 years of research and development.  The tools we have created will help you get the data you want safely, efficiently, and successfully. Above all, we are committed to your success. 

PowerSight’s unique TestPlan Manager™ technology allows you to plan your monitoring project in advance, and automatically integrate the project into your PowerSight analyzers.

  • Plan a project, identifying the What, Where, and How of each test point
  • Balance resources and schedule installation times
  • Document special directions and observations
  • Print out and distribute the plan to all participants
  • Monitor the status of the projects
  • Integrate the plan into the test meter and automate data collection to eliminate errors and save time
  • Embed pictures, documents, and other files into the test results

As the project increases in size and scale, TestPlan Manager™ ensures efficiency stays high and the likelihood of errors stays low!

DataSetup Wizard™ helps you to configure your meter to get the data you need for success.

  • Tell the wizard what you need to do and let it make an expert decision for you, or select from helpful preset configurations
  • Customize the data setup to fit your custom needs, choosing between extensive triggering modes, operating modes, and configurations
  • Save these setups to your computer or meter for future use
  • Integrate the setups into the meter with TestPlan Manager to guarantee that the right setup is used at each test point

There are configurations for virtually any power system and desired test!

SureStart™ Expert System increases your success and improves your efficiency by embedding an “expert” in your meter, verifying that connections and settings are correct BEFORE you start your test.

SureStart™ is a patented rules-based knowledge system that advises you in plain language of possible errors in the connections and setup. Have an expert with you at the site when you need it most…. the last thing you want to happen is to return in a month and not have the data you need.

Prevent expensive “do-overs” by ensuring your meters are setup correctly in the first place!

Our PS5000/PS4550/PS3550/PS2500 Power Analyzers have powerful Bluetooth capabilities built into them.

  • Communicate with your analyzer while it is locked inside an electric panel, for safety and efficiency.
  • Remove unnecessary PPE to communicate with your meter in safety and comfort outside the arc flash Limited Approach Boundary
  • Access and operate the analyzer with a virtual keypad and control it from safety without gloves or face shield
  • View live waveforms, phasors, and harmonics, and verify attached signal connections in high resolution on your notebook
  • View live analog and digital meters to see real-time values of all power parameters
  • View values updated in real-time as a live graph or data stream

*Additional Wi-fi capability can be requested upon time of purchase, or later as an upgrade

When it is time to collect the test data, you want multiple methods available to get the results.  You also want to minimize the work and eliminate the errors that can be introduced into the results.  We’ve seen the troubles that customers have in these areas and we’ve addressed them.

  • Communicate with Bluetooth (or Wi-fi*) to get data from your meter while it is locked inside a panel. Great for getting results part-way through a test.
  • SD memory cards allow data without communications delay or removing the meter from the panel.
  • With USB direct connection, get the data you need while in environments where wireless communications will not work.
  • Utilize the meter’s display to view present measurement values, over max/min/averages, triggered event data, and more.
  • Use TestPlan Manager™ to retrieve the results of all tests in a single step, renamed and relocated the way you want them for speed and success.  No confusion about which meter monitored which point or in what order tests were done.

*Wi-fi capability can be added at time of purchase, or later as an upgrade

ReportWriter Wizard™ allows you to create professional reports that combine tables and graphs with just a few clicks of a mouse. Summary reports and Comparison reports can be created with undesired data automatically trimmed off the measurements and graphs.

If you need custom views of data, our PSM-A software allows you to make the presentation you want and print it directly from the screen. You can also very easily create Excel spreadsheets with all the data with column headings for custom analysis.

  • Summary reports summarize the results, with tables and graphs of all measurements of interest
  • Comparison reports compare two sets of data to present the difference in both hard numbers and percentages for excellent before/after analysis
  • Advanced calculators determine projected and elapsed energy and cost, peak demand period, etc.