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Why PowerSight?

PowerSight power analyzers are truly unique. Here are the top 10 reasons why PowerSight is your best choice:

1. Making Power Analyzers is All We Do!

Since day one, we have been fully committed to providing the best solution for power analysis in the world, at a reasonable price. Our focus is on one thing: your success in power monitoring and analysis.

We perform the:

  • Engineering,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Selling/Renting,
  • Maintenance/Service,
  • and Technical Support

ourselves …in the USA. We likely have multiple solutions for your power monitoring and analysis needs.

2. Lowest Cost of Ownership

PowerSight warranties and maintenance plans provide low-cost solutions for keeping your equipment working like-new and incorporating the benefits of our on-going developments long into the future.

All of our warranties are modestly priced and value packed.  They include:

  • Annual calibrations for the analyzer & one set of current probes
  • Upgrades to the firmware in the analyzer and access to the latest desktop software, so you benefit from the new and improved features of the product and our analysis software
  • Warranty coverage of the parts and accessories, including battery replacement (PS4000 model excepted)
  • The ability to renew over and over without limit (we have customers who have remained under warranty for over 10 years, a feature unique to PowerSight)
  • The option to be reinstated after the warranty has expired, by you or a new owner.

3. World-Class Technical Support

We are devoted to our customers’ success, and we prove it by providing stellar support. Our job is not done until your job is successful!

  • Domestic, in-house support with knowledgeable experts
  • No robots or phone menus – only real people
  • Very responsive! Call, email, or live chat on our website (M-F, 8am-5pm PST)

4. Rentals Available

We also rent our analyzers and systems. No rental is more quality assured or better-supported than one direct from the manufacturer.

  • Rental terms can be as short as a week, or as long as you need them
  • Rent up to 100 complete systems for large jobs
  • Get the first month “free” if you decide to buy a new system by the end of your rental period
  • Big discounts are available if you arrange to rent for multiple months prior to the shipment

See which units we rent

5. Small Form Factor & Weight

PowerSight analyzers are typically much smaller and lighter than the competition. They are truly handheld and weigh less than 2 pounds. They are compact enough to easily fit inside most tight electrical panels.  This eliminates the dangers resulting from leaving the panel door open and it also eliminates the risk of theft or tampering of unattended analyzers. The PS5000 model is the world’s smallest portable graphical power quality analyzer in both weight and form factor.

6. Rapid Fulfillment & Shipping

Our manufacturing and procurement processes have been organized to be able to deliver what you need when you need it.

  • 1–2 day lead times on most orders (core analyzers and systems)
  • Flexible shipping options/speeds
  • Quick pivoting for order modifications
  • Same-day shipping is often possible (with Rush Fee)

Let us prove it to you!

7. Unique Measurement Capabilities

No matter how unusual your needs are, we probably have a solution for you. Here are a few of the special measurements PowerSight analyzers can do:

  • All PowerSight analyzers can connect directly to medium voltage via our optional 5kV or 15kV voltage probes
  • The PS4550 Power Quality Analyzer can measure power line noise between 3,000 and 100,000 Hz with the Frequency Analysis Option (FAO)
  • The Advanced Measurements Option (AMO) adds the ability to log +KW separately from -KW for regenerative billing analysis and adds logging of +/-KVAR and +/-DPF for accurate power factor correction analysis.  It also adds logging of unbalance of voltage and current and logging of individual harmonics to the 63rd (both as percent and RMS).   The AMO option is standard in the PS5000 Power Quality Analyzer and optional for the PS4550.
  • The PS3550, PS4550, and PS5000 power analyzers can all monitor 400 Hz power systems for avionics and naval shipboard applications.

8. Designed-in Redundancy

In an effort to eliminate errors, all PowerSight analyzers have redundant methods of:

  • Communication,
  • Data storage & retrieval,
  • Control of the analyzer,
  • Powering the analyzer.

If any method ever fails (or if you want something more convenient), there are usually multiple options for each aspect of analyzer operation. Read More Here

9. Widest Range of Measurement Accessories

Owning a PowerSight analyzer means you can complete just about any power study, anywhere in the world. Our selection of measurement probes and cases covers just about any need – from residential to heavy industrial:

  • AC current from 5mA – 6,000A
  • DC current from 5A – 2,000A
  • Voltage from 1V – 15,000V
  • Power Line harmonics and noise from 22Hz – 100,000Hz (PS4550 only)
  • Power the analyzer from the monitored voltage (up to 600V), from a charger, from internal battery (typically 8 hours), or from external 12VDC battery.
  • Ultra-compact size or weather-resistant, chained to a pole.

10. The Complete Start-to-Finish Solution

From starting your test plan to creating a professional report, we provide solutions for every step of the power monitoring process.

PowerSight provides the most efficient and error-free solution for the entire power monitoring process.