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Power analysis is a process and the analyzer is just one part of the process. Comparing specifications between competing meters is part of the evaluation process, but it doesn’t capture the real advantages of one choice versus the other. PowerSight has been designed to make you more efficient at every stage of the process. This saves you money every time you use PowerSight, eventually paying for the cost of the power analyzer.

Planning the Project

TestPlan Manager™ allows you to plan your monitoring project in advance and integrate the project into your PowerSight analyzers*. You can document every test point, assign and balance the human and equipment resources for the plan, track the status of all the tests, and much more. Planning and clarity saves time.

Our Bluetooth transmitter is strong enough that in most instances, you will be able to communicate with a PowerSight analyzer while it is locked inside an electrical panel during its monitoring session. This eliminates the need for PPE and the hazard that comes from opening a panel and having it exposed.

Setting Up the Meter

DataSetup Wizard™ helps you to quickly package standard operating setups for your meter that insure you get the results you want. Once they are designed and named, they can be easily loaded into the meter via Bluetooth or SD memory card. The wizard guides you to a great choice, based on your application, but you can also use the wizard to create a data setup for whatever custom monitoring and triggering you need for your test.

When your meter is integrated with TestPlan Manager™*, the correct data setup is automatically loaded by the meter when the test begins, eliminating the chore of checking or modifying the setup in the meter.

*TestPlan Manager™ is not available for all meter models and hardware levels. Trade-ins can be arranged.

TestPlan Manager on Laptop on Desk
DataSetup Wizard on Laptop
PS3550 In-Use with PPE
PS3550 Connected in Panel

Connecting the Meter

All probes are labeled at both ends for quick connections. The small size of the meter allows it to be locked inside the electric panel, eliminating the time (and risk) of roping off a secure test area.

Checking the Connections

SureStart™ connections expert tells you directly what connection or setup issues may be present so you can resolve them before the test begins instead of discovering a problem after the testing is completed. If you are operating in “Positive Power Only” mode, you do not need to reverse current probes to get correct readings, the software does it for you. You do not need to tell the meter what type of power system you are monitoring, PowerSight figures it out and delivers the measurements that you need.

Once the meter is connected, lock it up or walk away, take off your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and communicate with the meter wirelessly. Your laptop offers the highest resolution display of phasors and waveforms. The virtual meter on your laptop is easy to operate without gloves on and without looking through a tinted safety shield.

Predictive Maintenance

If you will be monitoring the same equipment repeatedly, permanently install SafeConnect™. After that, you can connect/disconnect to all the live sensors with a quarter twist of the SafeConnect™ Adapter. This eliminates the use of PPE and eliminates any time required for test setup and teardown.

Getting the Data

When the test is over, you can pull the data out via Bluetooth or via SD card for fast efficient data transfer. With TestPlan Manager™, all the data is automatically transferred to the correct destination and automatically renamed to the desired name. No typing required, no typos, no correlating what meter measured what data or what monitoring session corresponded to what measurement point. This provides a savings in time and effort that benefits you dramatically as the number of test points increases.

Reporting Your Findings

ReportWriter Wizard™ allows you to create convincing reports that combine tables and graphs with just a few clicks of a mouse. Summary reports and Comparison reports can be created with any undesired data trimmed off the measurements and graphs, automatically. If you need custom views of data, our PSM-A software allows you to make the presentation you want and print it directly from the screen. A couple clicks of the mouse allows you to create Excel spreadsheets with all the data with column heading for custom analysis.

PowerSight, TestPlan Manager™, DataSetup Wizard™, SureStart™, ReportWriter Wizard™, and SafeConnect™ are trademarks of Summit Technology, all rights reserved.

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