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A Thoughtful Design

Power monitoring can be a lethal job. Our job is to make it safe for you to do whatever you need to do and to decrease the likelihood that you will jeopardize your safety due to an operating error.

The most beneficial feature of our analyzers is its small form factor. It is truly hand-held for one-handed use and for the likelihood that it can be locked securely inside an electrical panel while it performs power analysis. A locked panel eliminates risks to personnel and to the contents of the panel.

For inputs up to 600 VAC, all our analyzers meet the requirements of IEC 61010-10 overvoltage category IV, the highest international level of safety, and for inputs up to 1000 VAC, overvoltage category III. Since our meters are portable and not grounded, the requirements for 600V CAT IV and 1000V CAT III require that you will be safe if the RMS input voltage raises to 7,400V for five seconds while you are holding it. Our analyzers exceed that ability.

PS4550 Connected In-Use in PPE
Probes being Connected

Safety with “High” Voltages

All of our analyzers and voltage probes are color-coded to be either red (for “hot”) or black for neutral or ground. Avoiding using any of the multi-colored power standards of the world keeps it clear and simple what is potentially dangerous and what is not.

We provide a deluxe fused voltage lead set for those who wish their leads to be fused.

We provide a Line-to-DC converter accessory that allow you to power your meter from the voltage that is being monitored. It is small enough to be locked into an electrical panel with the analyzer. A self-contained, locked panel eliminates a safety hazard for others while the testing proceeds. It also eliminates the need for an extension cord to and its possible tripping hazard.

All of our analyzers come with rechargeable batteries. A fully charged analyzer will allow you to work for an entire work shift between charges. This eliminates the need for hooking up a charger or routing an extension cord to the analyzer while doing brief monitoring tasks. Less connections to the analyzer provides less safety risks.

Wireless (Remote) Control

All of our analyzers come with Bluetooth wireless capability. This minimizes the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). You only need to suit up while you hook the analyzer up to the circuit. Following that, you should exit the arc flash blast zone and use your laptop if you wish to view the signals and program the analyzer to start monitoring. Proceeding this way has the added benefits of adding more comfort after taking off the PPE and getting the highest resolution of graphical viewing of signals and logs. It is quite simple to work at a safe distance with the “virtual meter” display where you can press the buttons of the virtual analyzer and view its virtual display out of the arc flash blast zone, in both safety and comfort.

Our Bluetooth transmitter is strong enough that in most instances, you will be able to communicate with a PowerSight analyzer while it is locked inside an electrical panel during its monitoring session. This eliminates the need for PPE and the hazard that comes from opening a panel and having it exposed.

PS4550 Remote Control In-Use by Open Panel