How To Choose the Right Power Analyzer

Nov 26, 2019 | Tips

You need a new power analyzer, but which one? There are so many available online, it can be overwhelming to try and decide. Power quality is assessed based on a number of power quality parameters. This is the place to begin. Today’s instruments usually handle the most common parameters such as voltage, voltage dips, flicker, current, power, harmonics, and transients. It can be nearly impossible to know in advance the specific type of disturbance that gives rise to a fault condition. The more different types of disturbances an instrument handles, the more likely it is that one can identify the disturbance, or alternatively to exclude certain types of disturbances. Therefore, start your search with a power analyzer that can handle it all!

From there, it is important to consider the number of measuring points that should be included in the system. You certainly do not want a system with 5, 10 or 100’s of meters to take more time to deal with than a system that only includes 2 meters!

Also, consider how long you’ll want to be using this product. If you intend to work with power quality statistical in the long term, you should review the options available to analyze data over several years. And if you don’t plan to need this tool long term, remember that there is an option to rent your need power analyzer instead of purchasing it outright.

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