PS-Cloud Service

Having data & control whenever & wherever you need it.

The New PS-Cloud Service provides access to & control of your PowerSight analyzers
whenever you want, wherever you are. *

Key Benefits of PS-Cloud Service

  • Check the operation of your analyzers, power sources, and loads whenever you want to, from wherever you are.*
  • See the core power measurements of your installed PowerSight analyzers whenever you want to, from wherever you are.*
  • Get logs, waveforms, and all other data from your analyzers without opening locked panels, without putting on PPE, without making arrangements with facilities personnel, and without even traveling to the site.*
  • Prepare weekly reports for yourself and your client without traveling to the site or interrupting the logging session.*

* Assumes adequate Bluetooth and cellular communications signals.

PS cloud service

What PS-Cloud Service is

PS-Cloud Service is a combined network of PowerSight products working for you 24/7. Physical products are sold or rented. The PS-Cloud service is a monthly SaaS subscription service, on a per device basis.

  • PS-Cloud Software. You log into our cloud-based software wherever and whenever you have internet access and need to connect with your analyzers and their data.
  • PowerSight G2000 Remote Gateway. This device is located near your installed PowerSight analyzers and connects to the analyzers via Bluetooth. It then connects to the cellular network, which provides access to our PS-Cloud Software.
  • Installed PowerSight Power Analyzers. These are the analyzers you own or are renting from us. They are typically secured inside an electrical panel, so wireless access to the units simplifies your life and improves safety and efficiency.
  • PSM-A PowerSight Management Software. Our PSM-A software has years of advanced analysis features built into it. This is still all available to you when you pull LOGs, triggered events, data setups, etc from installed analyzers and analyze them and create reports for yourself and your clients.

How PS-Cloud Software Works For You

1. When you subscribe to PS-Cloud Service, you will arrange for one or more Remote Gateways and one or more PowerSight analyzers to be monitored. Our Administrators will create an account for you and “allocate” Gateways and analyzers to your account.

2. You will be able to log in at any time to get a quick look at the status of your devices.

PS-Cloud Software

3. You can quickly view the real-time core power measurements from each of your analyzers

real time core power measurements

4. You can pull data logs and waveform capturers out of any analyzer and deposit it into PSM-A for detailed analysis and Report Generation.

5. Your account is under your control to partition it and grant limited access to your customers or clients so that they can also see data and status at any time.

Where PS-Cloud Service is Headed

Our PS-Cloud Software is a phased development. Here is the Roadmap for what major features are being added.

✔ Phase 1.

  • Check the operation of your monitor, your power source, and your load at any time from wherever you are.*
  • See the core power measurements of any analyzer from wherever you are.*

• Phase 2.

  • Retrieve your logged data at any time so you can generate weekly reports for your yourself and your clients.
  • Be able to grant limited direct access to you customers and clients to their data.

• Phase 3.

  • Retrieve all data types from your analyzer (waveforms, triggered capture of power quality events, etc) at any time from wherever you are.*
  • Receive alarms via text, phone, and/or email if core measurements are out of range or if communications or power to devices are lost.*

• Phase 4.

  • Get the benefits of Cloud Monitoring that you had with your desktop and laptop, now on your smart phone.*
  • Have optional formal reports automatically generated each week and sent regularly to you and/or your client(s).*

• Phase 5.

  • WiFi and Ethernet interfaces will be added for direct connection to LANs.
  • Higher security and reliability for communications for long term monitoring.
  • Integration with select SCADA systems to get the benefits of PowerSight within your normal monitoring network.

* Assumes the Bluetooth and cellular communications signals are adequate

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Overall Control of PS-Cloud Service

  • Network Schematics refers to the combination of Gateway and one or more assigned Data Devices. The sample shown indicates that there presently are 2 networks of Gateways assigned to Data Devices under your control.
  • Network Gateway Resources refers to the Gateways that you have available to you. The sample shown indicates that there presently are 3 Gateways allocated to you.
  • Power Analyzer Resources refers to the Data Devices that you have available to you. The sample shown indicates that there are presently 6 Power Analyzers allocated to you.
  • Active Alarms shows the accumulation of open alarms under your control. Typically, you clear the alarms. PowerSight Admin can assist. The sample shown indicates that there is 1 High priority alarms, 2 Significant alarms, and 3 Advisory alarms open.
Overall Control of PS-Cloud Service
  • Alarm History allows referencing open and closed alarm by type, client, etc.
  • PowerSight Web Site is a convenient link to our powersight.com web site.
  • Steaming Data allows you to see the various feeds of streaming data from active Data Devices. The sample shown indicates that there are 5 analyzers actively streaming measurements.
  • Stored Data allows you to view all the data files (including streaming) of your individual Data Domains. The sample shown indicates there are 5 data domain available to you.
  • Streaming & Monitoring Settings allows for adjusting thresholds, data composition, monitoring frequency, etc for all devices under your control.
  • Report Center allows viewing/downloading reports that have been generated and setting up automated generation and distribution of Reports.
  • Clients allows you to view and control the accounts of your own customers and clients.
  • Support Center is a collection of tutorials, forms for your reference and assist.


PS-Cloud Services (Phase 1) is available 1st quarter of 2024. Phases 2 is expected 2nd quarter of 2024. Phase 3 is expected 3rd quarter of 2024. To order, specify G2000-R4 for each required gateway and PowerSight-R4 for each analyzer you wish to connect to the PS-Cloud. PowerSight® products are manufactured in the USA and sold by Summit Technology, Inc.

For more information on our products contact:

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Voice: 925-944-1212
Email: sales@powersight.com

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