G2000 Remote Monitoring Gateway

G2000 Remote Monitoring Gateway

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The Gateway to Your Data

seamlessly access the data

Access your site data wherever you are, whenever you want. Get notifications of alarms via phone, email, and/or text.

more accessible than ever

Generate preliminary reports for your customers and clients without traveling to the site, without coordinating with the site, and without wearing PPE.

generate a report

Our integration of the world-wide-web, cellular service, and Bluetooth makes this all possible.

Key Benefits of the G2000

  • Check the operation of your monitor, power source, and load whenever you want to, from wherever you are.*
  • See the core power measurements of your PowerSight analyzer whenever you want to, from wherever you are.*
  • Get logs, waveforms, and all other data from your installed analyzer without opening locked panels, without putting on PPE, and without even traveling to the site.*
  • Prepare weekly reports for yourself and your client without traveling to the site or interrupting the logging session.*

* Assumes adequate Bluetooth and cellular communications signals.

Key benefits of the G2000

How We Do It

How We Do It with G2000

  • Our PS-Cloud cloud-based software is available to you wherever you have internet service.
  • Using the cellular network allows you to get your remote data from sites without coordinating to get access to the LAN. PS-Cloud connects to a G2000 Remote Gateway via the cellular phone network and remains connected 24/7.
  • The G2000 maintains Bluetooth communications with your analyzers 24/7. The G2000 will be near your PowerSight analyzers, which are typically locked in a powered-on electrical panel.
  • This end-to-end 24/7 connection moves data and control between PS-Cloud and your PowerSight. it is available for you whenever you log in.



The G2000 automatically selects the best cellular carrier available when you power up, so you are not limited to one carrier in tough situations.

The G2000 operates on a special cellular channel that has higher reliability in poorer signal spaces than the voice channels do. It also has a Cellular signal strength indication test to assist you in placing the G2000 in a good location and to direct its antenna for successful transmissions.


Ideal conditions can allow Bluetooth connections up to 30 or more feet. In our applications, this is rarely the case. Plan on needing to have your G2000 mounted within 10 feet of your PowerSight meter. Once on the site, there is a Bluetooth signal strength indication test to assist you in placing the G2000 close enough to have success.

PowerSight Analyzer Connection

Default mode of operation is for the G2000 to automatically look for available PowerSight Analyzers and connect to them. One G2000 can connect to up to 10 analyzers, but that will be difficult in most situations due to the required distance between devices in an electrical environment.

In addition to default mode, each analyzer can be provided with both a “white list” of analyzers it is permitted to connect to or a “black list” of analyzers it is prevented from connecting to. The more analyzers that are in the vicinity, the more important this feature is.


Typically the G2000 is placed on top of the electrical panel that its connected PowerSight analyzer is in. The G2000 is low and wide so it is not prone to tipping over or being hit by things.

It also has provision to be screwed to walls or poles. Magnetic strips can allow mounting to steel cabinets.


Power requirement is 12VDC at 500ma. The G2000 must be supplied with 12VDC, which is typically provided by the 120VAC wall charger supplied with the product. Remember that you may have to provide an extension cord to get that power to the G2000 at the site.

The G2000 has battery backup to bridge power outages of up to 4 hours.

Where We Are Headed

As part of our PS-Cloud Services, the Gateway G2000 is part of the phased implementation. Here is where we are headed:

✔ Phase 1.

  • Connect to first available PowerSight analyzer.
  • Receive basic power measurements from the analyzer and pass them on to PS-Cloud software
  • If communications are lost with either cloud or analyzer, reestablish the connections when possible again.

• Phase 2.

  • Connect to multiple available PowerSight analyzers. When connected to several, step through the connections round robin to get the latest measurements.
  • Accept a “white list” (or “black list”) of analyzers to connect to (or not connect to) from the PS-Cloud Software.
  • Collect “core” power measurements for PS-Cloud each few seconds (V, I, W, VA, PF, W, THD, Hz).
  • Pull data log files from the analyzer and forward to PS-Cloud.
  • If cellular communications bog down, the data going to PS-Cloud is buffered so nothing is lost.

• Phase 3.

  • Pull all file types from the analyzer to retrieve logs, waveforms, event captures, and data setup and pass on to PS-Cloud.
  • Receive alarms via text, phone, and/or email if core measurements are out of range or if communication or power to devices is lost.

• Phase 4.

  • PS-Cloud is ported to cell phones for even better coverage, wherever you are.
  • Formal reports generated each week are sent to you and your client(s) (paid option).
  • Receive firmware updates from PS-Cloud for connected analyzers and gateways. Code is loaded, even for analyzers in a locked panel. Network is reestablished and status is reported when done.

• Phase 5.

  • WiFi and Ethernet interfaces will be added for direct connection to LANs.
  • Generally, this provides higher security and reliability for communications for permanent or repeat monitoring applications.
  • Integration with select SCADA systems to get the benefits of PowerSight within established monitoring networks.
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The PowerSight® G2000 will be available for rental starting during the first half of 2024. A limited number of evaluation units are available to select customers prior to that. To order, specify G2000-R4. PowerSight® products are manufactured in the USA and sold by Summit Technology, Inc.

For more information on our products contact:

Summit Technology Inc.
2246 Monument Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-3453

Voice: 925-944-1212
Email: sales@powersight.com

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