Maximize Your Success With a High-Quality Power Analyzer

Apr 24, 2020 | Ideas

When you have a hob to do, you want it to be done successfully. Success is maximized by designing in redundancy and eliminating errors. At each stage of the power analysis process, PowerSight attempts to maximize your chance for success and minimize or eliminate the possibility that you will not be able to accomplish your goals. We are one hundred percent committed to your success! At each stage of the power analysis process, we maximize your chance for success and minimize or eliminate the possibility that you will not be able to accomplish your goals. That’s our commitment to you!

This all begins with PowerSight providing you and your company with the industry‚Äôs best accessories, options, and operating modes for power analyzers. You don’t need to settle! We are committed to providing solutions to measure and analyze almost any electric power system of any size anywhere in the world. Here’s what you need to know about us:

#1 PowerSight is the only major manufacturer to provide a direct connection to medium voltages. Why do we do it? Because our customers needed it!

#2 PowerSight was the first manufacturer to provide a Line-to-DC Converter, in order for our customers to power their meter off.

#3 PowerSight is the only manufacturer to provide power-line noise analysis up to 100 kHz. Again, we did this because our feedback told us that our customers wanted this ability.

#4 PowerSight offers the broadest range of AC current measurement, of DC current measurement, and of AC/DC voltage direct measurement of any manufacturer. You will not find a situation that you will not be able to measure with one of our power quality analyzers!

We aren’t done yet! We continue to expand our measurement abilities because there is always a new need.

We do more than just offer you a lot of options. We offer you options that are the best of the best! Every meter has a generous amount of internal memory and SD memory to provide for redundant storage of data. If the data in the meter is lost, the SD card is still available and vice versa.

Remember, we said that success is only achieved by minimizing errors. This is exactly why we continue to add wizards and experts to our software and firmware that makes it harder and harder to make a mistake. SureStart Expert System is a rules-based knowledge system that advises you in the plain language of any possible errors in the connections and setup of your meter before you start your test. The last thing you want to happen is to return in a month and not have the data you need!

If you have any further questions, remember that the experts at PowerSight are always here to help. You need a new power quality analyzer, but you are not an industry expert. That is okay because we are! We are here to support you every step of the way. Please call 1-925-944-1212
or email us at with any further questions you have. You may also learn what you’re looking for by going to our FAQs page.

You deserve the best. You deserve to be successful. You deserve the right tools for the job. That’s what you’ll get by purchasing your needed power quality analyzer through PowerSight!