View/Analyze Waveforms

Viewing/Analyzing Waveforms

PSM-A has a rich collection of tools with which to view, print, and analyze multi-phase waveforms.

Here is an example of viewing all signals with measurements in the graphing area, summary measurements above the graphing area, and analysis tool ribbon 

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PSM-A has a rich collection of tools with which to view, print, and analyze multi-phase waveforms.


Switch between waveform data being displayed graphically as waveforms, harmonic bar charts, or as phasors at the click of a button.

Switch between graphical presentation and tabular presentation of waveforms, harmonics, and phasors at the click of a button.

For Graphical and Tabular Views:

Flexibility in setting the title and sub-title for view and print.Print preview and PrintExport the raw data to ExcelSave the view as a picture (jpg, png, gif, tif, etc)Jump to related data files from the same monitoring session to better analyze the session.

For Waveform Graphical Viewing:

Dual vertical scales: one for voltage, one for currentWaveforms auto-scale to fit the graphing area with the right amount of space above and below.Unlimited zoom into details of the waveforms

For Waveform, Harmonic Bar, and Phasor Graphical Views:

View any combination of voltage and current waveforms at the same timeQuickly change the waveform selections by tapping the special V/A/VA icons or select/deselect signals directly using the checkboxes in the tool ribbon.View summary measurements above the graphing area for each signal (to the sides of phasor diagram)When the cursor is in the graphing area, instantaneous V, A, time, sample, harmonic values are shown in brackets in the summary value area (not in phasor view)Optionally view higher level summary measurements like power (W), power factor (PF), and VA for each phase in the upper left of the graphing area (not for phasor view)Ability to switch voltage display between phase-neutral and phase-phase at the click of a buttonAbility to invert individual signals to correct for reversed current sensorsApply vertical and horizontal cursor bars to allow setting “go/no go” levels and difference measurements of time and magnitude for characterizing waveforms, anomalies, and ripple. (not in phasor view)Ability to “intensify” one or more signals to make them stand out from the others.Set line thickness and colors for signals and the background color for display separately from the settings for printing, in order to provide for the best display and best printing results.Attach labels with arrows into the graphical area


View 3 voltages and 4 currents, AC/DC, for all power systems

Waveform length of 50 milliseconds (3 cycles @ 60Hz)

Display range to 999 megavolts and 999 megamps

Displays are timestamped

Harmonics shown to the 50th (31st at 400Hz)


PSM-A manual

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