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Laptop PSM-A

PowerSight Manager – Advanced (PSM-A) software is designed to ensure your success at each stage of the power analyzing process. This Windows product embodies what we have learned about our users’ needs over the last 25 years of continuous development. Our users range from the most highly sophisticated engineers to one-time renters, so

Our software is:

  • Easy to figure out and operate
  • Packed with sophisticated features and options that do not get in your way

And it contains:

  • Wizards and expert systems to get results with minimal knowledge required
  • Optimizations to improve your efficiency and get the results you want
  • Support for just about any type of analysis you will ever want to do

* PSM-A software is Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 Compatible. It may be run on Apple’s Virtual Windows, but there is no guarantee of complete functionality when operating in the Apple environment

What PSM-A Does for You

Our PSM-A software allows thorough and detailed options to view your data. Choose from multitudes of different configurations and analyze your data to get the information you desire.

  1. Analyze your Data Log with a powerful and flexible tool
  2. View waveforms, phasors, and harmonics.
  3. Export the data to Excel for custom analysis or copy the screen to any common graphic format for inclusion into reports.
V, A, THD A waveform

Our PSM-A software allows analysis of power quality recordings.

  1. View scatter plots of event data
  2. Analyze event logs with comprehensive analysis tools.
  3. Export the data to Excel for custom analysis or copy the screen to any common graphic format for inclusion into reports.
Power Quality Graph PSM-A

ReportWriter Wizard allows you to create professional reports that combine tables and graphs with just a few clicks of a mouse.

  1. Summary reports summarize the results, with tables and graphs of all measurements of interest
  2. Comparison reports compare two sets of data to present the difference in both hard numbers and percentages for excellent before/after analysis
  3. Advanced calculators determine projected and elapsed energy and cost, peak demand period, etc.
ReportWriter Sample framed

Use our proprietary Test Plan Manager to:

  1. Document and clarify your testing plan
  2. Manage the resources, track the status
  3. Achieve the most reliable efficient solution to multi-point testing  in the industry, by quickly loading the plan into each meter
  4. Retrieve data in the industry’s most efficient and error free process.  The data is automatically renamed and routed: how you want it, where you want it.
TestPlan Manager Complete Plan

The Data Setup Wizard provides an effortless way to set up the meter for most power monitoring needs.  Being the largest renter of power analysis systems, we have found where people get into trouble and how to prevent trouble.

For special needs, the data setup is fully customizable.

  1. Set your triggering mode and thresholds
  2. Select your measurements
  3. Select any of the specialized operating modes
DataSetup Manager Custom Study

Communicate with your meter in safety, comfort, and high resolution

  1. Waveform capture.  View and manipulate as waveforms, harmonic bar charts, phasor diagrams, and concise summary measurements
  2. Real-time trending.  See what’s happening on analog and digital meters, scrolling measurements, and trend logs.
  3. Remote control.  Display a virtual meter to read and operate from a safe and comfortable distance.  Use our patented SureStart to verify the connections and setup are correct.
  4. Our Bluetooth can often communicate with the meter through closed panels, allowing downloads and spot checking in safety and comfort
  5. USB port for direct connect to your computer in the office
  6. Wi-Fi (optional) and SD memory cards provide alternatives for the major needs of communication.
PS4500 Starting Remote Control