Data Collection

Data Collection

When it is time to collect the test data, you want multiple methods available to get the results. You also want to minimize the work and eliminate the errors that can be introduced into the results. We’ve seen the troubles that customers have in these areas and we’ve addressed them.

Bluetooth (& Optional Wi-fi*)

  • Get data from your meter while it is locked inside a panel, for safety and speed. Great for getting results part-way through a test.
  • Work with meters connected to live power. Stay outside the arc flash boundary and without uncomfortable PPE

*Wi-fi capability can be added at time of purchase, or later as an upgrade

SD Memory Cards

  • Get test results without communications delay
  • Get the data without removing the meter or having the meter present
  • Use TestPlan Manager to retrieve the results of all tests in a single step, renamed and relocated the way you want them for speed and success.  No confusion about which meter monitored which point or in what order tests were done.

USB Direct Connection

  • Get the data you need while in environments where wireless communications will not work
  • Get the data when wireless communications are not allowed
  • Have the ease and simplicity of getting data via a physical cable, without the bother of setting up communications in the operating system.

The Meter’s Display

  • Simply press the keys of the meter and see the results
  • See present values of all measurements
  • See overall maximums/minimums/averages of all measurements
  • See counts of each type of triggered event, view worst value, and time/duration of worst events.