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DataSetup Wizard

DataSetup Wizard on Laptop

DataSetup Wizard helps you to configure your meter to get the data you need for success. There are configurations for virtually any power system and desired test!

  1. First, tell it what you want to do
  2. Next, verify that the default operating modes are right for you
  3. If you wish, examine the details of what’s being recorded, what triggering is active, and the data capacities.
  4. Optionally:  Customize to fit your custom needs

DataSetup Wizard is a feature of our PSM-A software. Download our software for free here:

Let the Wizard setup for you

  • Tell the wizard what you need to do and let it make an expert decision for you.
  • Select from helpful preset data point/logging interval configurations.
  • Decide on volt, power, and frequency modes.
  • Specify input ratios, log start, and log stop times.
  • Save these setups to your computer or meter for future use.
  • Integrate the setups into the meter with TestPlan Manager to guarantee that the right setup is used at each test point.
DataSetup Custom Power Study
DataSetup Wizard Memory Allocation & Study Type

Customize the data setup to fit your custom needs

  • Customize the data setup to fit your custom needs, choosing between extensive triggering modes, operating modes, and configurations.
  • Collect the exact data you want by customizing logging intervals, voltage, current, true power, power factor, VA power, and more.
  • Specify desired data points for total, phase 1/2/3, neutral, as well as averages, minimums, and maximums.
  • Allocate memory for the most optimal and efficient data gathering.
  • Select and specify trigger modes, to determine voltage swell, voltage sags, and absolute/relative trans.