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PowerSight Communication

PS3550 Remote Control In-Use

Most of our Power Analyzers have powerful wireless capabilities built into them. With our PSM-A software, you can access and connect to your meter, even when its locked INSIDE a panel. With PSM-A, you can perform a multitude of monitoring tasks in comfort and safely away from the arc blast zone.

Wireless laptop monitoring is a feature of our PSM-A software. Download our software for free here:

Communicate with your meter in safety and comfort

  • Use PSM-A to remotely control the meter with a digital interface. Every single functionality on the meter can also be done on a laptop.
  • Operate in comfort and minimize the use of PPE by operating your meter from a distance.
  • Wireless communication allows you to stay way out of the arc flash zone and maximize safety.
PS4550 Remote Control In-Use
Waveforms on Laptop In Use

Monitor real time data on your laptop

  • View live waveforms, phasors, and harmonics.
  • View live analog and digital meters to see real-time values of all power parameters
  • View measurement values updated in real-time as a live graph or data stream.

Multiple communication methods to connect and access your data

In addition to Bluetooth capabilities, our meters also come with multiple other forms of communication, so you can access your data whichever way is most convenient for you.
      • SD Card: PS4550, PS3550, PS4500, PS3500, PS2500
      • Bluetooth: PS4550, PS3550, PS4500, PS3500
      • Wi-Fi (as an additional feature): PS4550, PS3550, PS4500, PS3500
      • USB: PS4550, PS4500
PS4550 bottom on paper