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ReportWriter Wizard

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ReportWriter Wizard allows you to create professional reports that combine tables and graphs with just a few clicks of a mouse. Summary reports and Comparison reports can be created with undesired data automatically trimmed off the measurements and graphs.

      1. Produce convincing reports with a few clicks of the mouse
      2. Write a Summary Report or a Comparison Report
      3. Control how much or how little goes into the report
      4. Edit and insert additional data and graphs as needed.

ReportWriter Wizard is a feature of our PSM-A software. Download our software for free here:

Summarize your dataset, or compare two different ones

  • Load your dataset with an intuitive and easy to understand interface.
  • Summary reports summarize the results, with tables and graphs of all measurements of interest.
  • Comparison reports compare two sets of data to present the difference in both hard numbers and percentages for excellent before/after analysis.
  • Use advanced calculators to determine projected and elapsed energy and cost, peak demand period, etc.
ReportWriter Graphs
ReportWriter Variables

Display the information exactly how you want it

  • Create reports with standardized default display settings with ease.
  • Alternatively, customize how to display the data as much as you want.
  • Specify exactly which variables you want to include in the report. Select from voltage, current, true power, power fact, and more.
  • Specify which phases to include, as well as avg, max, and min.
  • Specify automatic or manually captured waveforms to be included in the report.
  • Set display settings for line thickness, measurement colors, and more.
  • Very easily create Excel spreadsheets with all the data with column headings for custom analysis.
  • Export the reports as PDF or Word Document.