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TestPlan Manager

TestPlan Manager Complete on Laptop

PowerSight’s unique TestPlan Manager technology allows you to plan your monitoring project in advance, and automatically integrate the project into your PowerSight analyzers.

Plan a project, identifying the What, Where, and How of each test point.

TestPlan Manager is a feature of our PSM-A software. Download our software for free here:

TPM to Analyzer to Session Data

Easily organize your collected test data with TestPlan Manager

No longer do you need to waste time or risk input errors manually re-naming and organizing test data. With prior setup, in a few button clicks, TestPlan Manager allows your data to be easily imported in an organized way, exactly the way you want it.

Define and clarify the project

  • Automatically name and route the data to its intended destination.
  • Automatically load the correct data setup for each test point.
  • Include up to 9,999 Test Points for each test
  • Integrate the plan into the test meter and automate data collection for easy and accurate results.
  • Optionally:  Specify the Data Setup to use at each test point and manage the resources.
  • Print and distribute the plan.
TestPlan Manager Test Number, ID, Destination File
TestPlan Manager Status, Personnel, Comments

Formalize the test plan: Assign the resources

  • Track the status of test points by specifying On Hold, Ready to Start, In Process, Completed, Data Received, or Cancelled.
  • Balance work load by assigning responsibility to test personnel
  • Powerful commenting section for each test, able to be added before, during, or after the test.
  • Schedule each meter and specify the resources that are required.
  • Use Equipment IDS to support studies over the years for Predictive Maintainence.
  • Include One-Line Levels for Series/Parallel Analysis to reveal tracing power quality effects and summing loads of branches of service.

Integrate the test plan into your meter

  • Simply identify the Test Point and the meter will perform the correct test.
  • Speedy retrieval of test results with no errors or confusion.
  • Distribute the plan to every meter via SD Card.
  • Distribute printouts of the plan to all personnel.
  • Embed the test plan into the meter, eliminating errors, and speeding up the data collection and analysis process.
PS4550 and TestPlan Manager
SD to PC Test Data Files

Get the Test Data Files

  • Multiple ways to name and organize your Test Data
  • Test Plan and Test Point
  • Equipment ID
  • Location ID
  • All test data imported from meter and sd card and placed in folders specified by you