SureStart Expert System

SureStart Expert System increases your success and improves your efficiency by embedding an “expert” in your meter, verifying that connections and settings are correct BEFORE you start your test.

SureStart is a patented rules-based knowledge system that advises you in plain language of possible errors in the connections and setup. Have an expert with you at the site when you need it most…. the last thing you want to happen is to return in a month and not have the data you need.

  1. Have an expert look at your connections and setup, before you start monitoring
  2. Get feedback in plain English
  3. Resolve the problems and leave, with confidence that the results will be correct.

SureStart is a key feature built into our power analyzer meters. Browse our meters to see which one is best for your power monitoring job:

Let the Wizard setup for you

One of the biggest problems in monitoring commercial power is discovering at the end of the study that the data is flawed or useless due to connection or setup errors. SureStart is a program employing patented technology that applies artificial intelligence to automatically identify what type of power system is present and identify what errors in connections or setups are probably present. It is advanced beyond any other system in two ways:

  • It makes these determinations regardless of the power system type.
  • It does this even in the presence of multiple connection or wiring errors.

No longer do you need to worry about whether your setup was right or your connections were correct. No longer do you need to study waveforms, phasor diagrams, or magnitude and phase measurements prior to leaving your monitoring device. Even the most knowledgeable professional makes errors in setup and connection. And even if the connections are correct, the wiring of the system may not be, and it is best to know that before the monitoring session has begun.

Plain English error messages

Here are examples of errors that SureStart automatically detects when connected to single-phase, two-phase, wye, delta, 4-wire delta, grounded delta, open delta, DC, and other power systems:

  • One two, or three voltages not connected.
  • One, two, or three currents not connected to the source cables.
  • One, two, or three currents not connected to the meter.
  • Two or three connections to the same voltage.
  • Two or three connections to the same current.
  • Voltages misidentified.
  • Currents misidentified.
  • One, two, or three current sensors backwards.
  • Two voltage connections switched.
  • Two current probes switched.
  • All voltages rotated one position left.
  • All voltages rotated one position right.
  • All currents rotated one position left.
  • All currents rotated one position right.
  • One, two, or three phases not present.
  • One phase being presented as two or three phases.
  • One or two phases shorted to neutral or ground.
  • Neutral not connected to ground.
  • Non-standard voltage due to improper loading.
  • Non-standard voltage due to power system problem.
  • Non-standard frequency due to power system problem.
  • Non-standard phase shift between phases due to power system problem.
  • Improper frequency or voltage mode setting in the meter.
  • Improper input ratios in the meter.
  • Finally, combinations of all the above listed errors.