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Warranties for PS4500 / PS4000

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Warranty for PS4500 / PS4000

Limited Warranty / Service Contract

(WAR4L) – Limited Warranty 1 Yr. – $495 USD

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Summit Technology has products under warranty that were sold over 20 years ago.  In older models, new and used electronic and mechanical parts may no longer be available for them and special test and development tools may no longer be available to research and repair certain defects.  There comes a point where we may be unable to fix some defects or failures.

For such older products, Summit Technology offers a “Limited Warranty/Service Contract”.   It is basically the same as our Deluxe Warranty, except:

  • Although it warrants the product to be free of defect in design and manufacture, there are limitations to the warranty repair remedy
  • Although it covers the power analyzer and calibration of associated current probes, it does NOT cover repair for any accessories to the power analyzer (such as repair of current probes).

This Limited Warranty/Service Contract also covers free upgrades of firmware and software that are applicable to the analyzer.  While the Limited Warranty/Service Contract is in force, the customer may obtain firmware and software upgrades via the Internet.  If the upgrade requires existing newer manuals, they will be provided by Summit Technology via download, free of charge.

The Limited Warranty/Service Contract covers one free calibration of an analyzer with one set of probes, typically performed at the start of the Limited Warranty/Service Contract.  The calibration will be performed at Summit Technology’s designated facility.  A Calibration Certificate is included in the warranty price.  If test measurements before or after the calibration are desired along with the Calibration Certificate, there is an additional charge (the relevant products are CALCERTB, for measurements before calibration, and CALCERTA, for measurements after calibration).

Under the Limited Warranty/Service Contract, Summit Technology will attempt to correct any defect or failure of the product that is due to a defect in design or manufacture:

  • First, by using new parts, software, and/or firmware, if practical.
  • Otherwise, by using used parts, discontinued software, and/or discontinued firmware, if new parts and software are not practical.
  • If it is not practical to correct the defect using new, used, or discontinued remedies, then a fair trade-in value for your analyzer (determined by Summit Technology) will be offered to enable you to get a newer model PowerSight analyzer and enjoy the technical advances of our on-going developments.

Repairs done under warranty will have no charge for material or labor.

There are limits in coverage.  The following categories are not covered under our Limited Warranty/Service Contract:

  • repair required due to misuse (such as dropping or crushing the analyzer or damaging its enclosure)
  • repair required due to improper storage or operation (such as allowing water into the meter or connecting to excessive voltage or current)
  • repair required due to adverse external conditions (such as exposure to arc flash or excessive heat)
  • repair required due to corrosion, regardless of the cause
  • repair required due to normal wear and tear or passage of time. Note: the battery for the PS4000 is NOT covered.
  • repair of accessories that are out of production
  • repair of carrying cases.
  • failure of a meter that has had the calibration sticker broken or removed from the meter.

The Limited Warranty/Service Contract is for a period of 12 months, added to the existing warranty expiration date.

Items that are returned for repair, adjustment, or upgrade under warranty must be accompanied by an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) form that includes an RMA number.  The RMA form and RMA number are obtained from Summit Technology.   Returned material is to be shipped to Summit Technology at the customer’s expense.  Summit Technology will return the material using the shipment method of its choice at its expense to destinations within the USA.  If the customer has special shipment needs, including shipment outside of the USA, the customer will pay for shipment both directions.  Any duties, taxes, fees, or other expenses associated with transit to and from the customer’s location is the customer’s responsibility to pay.  Summit will make every effort to repair and return the material quickly.  We want it in your hands, not in ours.

We at Summit Technology encourage you to advise us of any defects of design or manufacture of any of our products.  We are dedicated to your successful use of the products.