Calibration Certificates

NIST-traceable Calibration Reports.  Note:  CALIB is provided at no charge with each purchased PowerSight analyzer and then once a year at no charge while the meter is under warranty.  CalCertA and CalCertB always are an additional cost.



NIST-traceable Calibration Reports.  CalCertA and CalCertB record actual measurements.  CALIB certifies that the meter is calibrated to required accuracy.

$200 USD

if not under warranty

calcertB small

(“Before” calibration certificate)

NIST-traceable calibration report recording actual measurements of V, A, and W prior to calibration.  A great benefit if there is any question about the accuracy of results of a power study that is already done.

$100 USD

calcertA small

(“After” calibration certificate)

NIST-traceable report with actual V, A, and W measurements after the calibration is completed.  A great benefit prior to beginning a power study to present the actual calibration measurements and certification that the meter meets the required accuracy.

$100 USD