USB-to-PowerSight Communications Cable

This cable provides fast and secure USB communications with PowerSight analyzers that have USB communications ports.


This cable is for use with PS3550, PS4550, and PS5000 power analyzers.  It is a 6 foot (2 meter) nylon braided cable with the micro USB plug that is required for PowerSight analyzers.

The advantages of using USB with PowerSight are:

  •  A reliable method when wireless communications are not available
  • Quicker connection to analyzers since “pairing” is not required (simply plug it in and the computer will assign a communications port that is dedicated to the USB cable
  • Convenient connection to any computer (no Bluetooth device or dongle is required)
  • The cable is 6 feet long (2 meters), providing good access on a desk or cart.

The limitations of using USB communications are:

  • The cable is not to be connected to the meter while the meter is attached to live voltage. Although PowerSight analyzers have built-in opto-isolated USB communications for your safety, the meter is rated for 1000V CAT III. This stringent safety standard provides for temporary unintended connection to over 7000 Vrms. This exceeds the rating of the opto-isolation. Although the USB port is safe under those conditions, the cable and anything touching it would not be.
  • This cable is for communications, only.  It will not charge the battery of your analyzer.
The COMM-USB accessory is available for immediate purchase from Summit Technology Inc. To order, specify USB-COMM


Brochure for USB-COMM

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