WIFI Option

WIFIUPG – Wi-Fi Option / Upgrade

For PS4550/PS3550/PS4500/PS3500 ONLY

This option adds Wi-Fi capability to the Bluetooth capability that is standard for PowerSight.

[at time of purchase]


[post-purchase upgrade]

PowerSight meters come with Bluetooth wireless communications pre-installed.


As an additional option, Wi-Fi functionality can be  installed at the time of purchase of a new meter, or as a hardware upgrade at a later date.

WIFI and WIFIUPG are installed at the factory.
Wi-Fi is implemented as a peer-peer communications link.  If you choose to connect your computer to PowerSight using this Wi-Fi capability, you will be unable to access other Wi-Fi devices, unless you have more than 1 Wi-Fi radio in your computer.
For customers who cannot have Bluetooth capabilities, due to security concerns, they can opt to buy our Wi-Fi option and have their Bluetooth disabled (or even removed from the meter).