LDCm – 480V Line-to-DC Converter

A favorite of professionals. The LDCm will power your analyzer off of the voltage that it is monitoring in the range of 100-480V.  This allows locking your analyzer inside of a power panel with no power cord entering the closed panel.  This provides maximum safety and security.  Added safety is achieved by eliminating the use of extension cords.  The small size and short voltage leads allow fitting the LDC into any space near your power analyzer in cramped electrical panels.


Summit Technology’s mini-Line-to-DC Converter [order LDCm] accessory converts common utility powers (100-480 VAC, 50-60 Hz) to 12 VDC in order to power PowerSight® Power Analyzers.

In some situations a conveniently located outlet may not available to power the PowerSight meter. The major benefit of the LDCm is that power can be obtained directly from power mains being monitored without requiring local 120 or 240 VAC outlets, running long extension cords, and having cables going into an otherwise closed electrical panel.

It is also desirable to seal your compact PowerSight analyzer and the compact mini-LDC inside an electrical panel so no one is aware that monitoring is in progress. Safety and security is maximized when there is no electrical hazard nor objects of interest to view.

Combined with the 8hr battery back-up time in the analyzer, the combination of the LDCm plus the PowerSight’s internal battery will allow your monitoring to ride through all but the most prolonged power outages.


The LDCm connects directly to line voltages via the voltage leads provided with your PowerSight analyzer. Its output is a cable with a mini dc jack output that supplies unregulated 12 VDC at up to 500 ma.

It’s compact size is 3.35”W x 3.65”L x 1.35”H  (8.51cm x 9.27cm x 3.43cm).

It’s light weight is 0.25 lbs (0.11 kg).

The LDCm is for use with all meters except the PS3000…
PS5000, PS4550PS4500, PS4000, PS3550, PS3500, PS2500, PS250

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