DC600 – 600 Amp DC / 400 Amp AC Current Probe

Our DC600 Current Probe measures up to 600 amps DC (as well as 400 amps AC).  Self-powered via our meter, so there are NO batteries that can run down during a measurement session.

*New DC600 probes are presently not available, but like-new DC600-U probes from our rental stock, with new product warranties, are still available.  Price for DC600-U is $395.00.

The DC600 Current Probe can measure up to 600 amps DC (as well as 400 amps AC).  Self-powered via our PowerSight analyzer, so there are NO batteries that can run down.  Large capacity jaws for large cables.


Can measure from 5 to 600 Amps DC current for most industrial DC measurement jobs
No batteries required, because power is supplied by PowerSight.  This means that the probe will not stop during a long monitoring session.

Large jaws to be able to clamp around large cables.

Can also measure to 400 Amps AC
[Note: These probes use the Hall Effect and therefore must be zeroed by the user prior to every use]

[Note: The DC600 does an adequate job of measuring AC current, but is less accurate than our AC current probes.]


Measurement Range:

  • 5 to 600 amps DC
  • 5 to 400 amps AC

Accuracy (after zeroing):

  • ±1 amp ±2% from 5 to 400 amps DC or AC
  • ±1 amp ±3% from 400 to 600 amps DC

Power Required:

  • Power to the DC600 is supplied by PowerSight

Inside Clamping Capacity:

  • one cable up to 1.18″ diameter
  • two cables up to 0.95″ diameter

Overall Dimensions:

  • 7.68 x 2.6 x 1.34 inches

Cable length: 2 meters (6 feet).

PLEASE NOTE:  The probes are used exclusively with the PowerSight® line of Energy Analyzers, manufactured by Summit Technology Inc.



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