eFX6000 – Wide Range Flexible Current Probe

The eFX6000 wide range flexible current probe is the single best choice for all around AC current measurement.

Flexible probes are powered from the PowerSight meter – no external batteries are needed.
Note: eFX6000 is not compatible with the discontinued PS3000, PS4000, & PS250 analyzers.

24″ length


eFX6000-36 36″ length


The EFX6000 is a flexible AC current clamp utilizing the Rogowski principle.  It can be used to measure currents from 1 amp to 6000 Amps in 2 auto-ranges, over a wide frequency range to 10kHz.  The flexible and lightweight measuring head allows quick and easy installation in hard to reach areas, around large conductors and where access to confined or tight spaces is a problem.  It requires no batteries or external power supply.


Wide measurement range makes it the best single choice for a current probe:  1 – 6,000 amps AC.

Flexible rope-type technology allows use in tight spaces where clamp-ons cannot fit.
Thin enough (0.4″) to thread between tight conductors and long enough (24″) to wrap around multiple conductors and bus bars.
Lighter weight than clamp-on style probes.
36″ long ropes are also available for wrapping large groups of cables.
No batteries or power supply are required.  The probes are powered by the analyzer so there is no chance of a current probe dying while a power study is underway.
Dual range to provide the best accuracy and resolution.
Full auto-ranging with the PS3500.  For the PS4500,  the user is notified of the range on the meter’s display, allowing the user to set the range directly from the analyzer’s keypad.  This eliminates the errors of forgetting to set the range switch correctly on each probe or of the switch of one of the probes getting changed accidentally.  If the user sets the range to the low range, but the conditions change during monitoring, it will auto-range to the higher range to maintain accuracy in the logged data.
Probes are calibrated at the “9 o’clock position” (see slide above) to simulate the most realistic use in the field.  This allows achieving better accuracy than other suppliers’ ropes do, 1% when mounted as calibrated (2% independent of position).


Shipped with PowerSight meter connector.


Measurement Ranges:
1 – 150 amps AC (low range)
10 – 6,000 amps AC (high range)

Overall Accuracy:

When coupling is hanging away from conductor at “9-o’clock position” as indicated in picture below:

flex current probe calibration position

In low and high range:
+/- 1% of reading when coupling is situated away from conductor as shown above (plus +/- 2% if varying position around the conductor).

In low range (1 to 150A):
+/- 0.1 ARMS (+/- one least significant digit)”
In high range:
+/- 0.5 ARMS (10 to 1000A) or
+/- 2 ARMS (1000A to 6000A)

+/- 0.1 amps (in low range)
+/- 0.5 amps (in high range)

+/- 0.2% from 10% to 100% of range

Fundamental Frequency Range:
22 – 440 Hz

10 – 10,000 Hz (-3db range)

Phase Shift:
Less than one degree over fundamental frequency range.

0 – 50 °C operating range

15% to 85% (non condensing)

Voltage Rating:
1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV, Pollution Degree 2

Flexible Rope Sensor:
24″ (610mm) long, nominal 7.25″ (184mm) diameter for eFX6000
36″ (914mm) long, nominal 10″ (255mm) diameter for eFX6000-36
0.4″ (10mm) sensor rope nominal diameter

Probe Cable:
6 feet long (2 meters)

ROHS and WEEE Compliant
EN 61010-1:2001
EN 61010-031:2002
EN 61010-2-032:2002
IP65 (Ingress protection)
EMC EN61326-2-2:2006

Power Supply:
none required (powered by the analyzer)

Not compatible with PS4000, PS3000, PS250.

PLEASE NOTE:  The probes are used exclusively with the PowerSight® line of Energy Analyzers, manufactured by Summit Technology Inc.



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