PS5000 – Graphical Power Quality Analyzer

The PowerSight PS5000 Power Quality Analyzer is the premier member of the PowerSight line of compact, versatile, easy-to-use power quality analyzers. It provides the Most Efficient and Error Free Solution for doing Power Studies.
The full color display eliminates the need for laptops to see waveforms and logs. Phasor diagrams provide quick verification of connections.
The visual presentation of potential errors in connections and settings, via SureStart, minimizes the risk that the data will be incorrect at the end of the study.
The graphical user interface allows easy changing of trigger thresholds.
The large screen and “soft keys” allow quickly viewing all measurements of interest quickly.
Made in USA!


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The PS5000 is a true hand-held three-phase power quality analyzer with the features and accessories to achieve success in your power monitoring study. Its ergonomic contoured case, rugged construction, and small size make it ideal for field work. In addition, being part of the PowerSight “Start-To-Finish Monitoring Solution”, it has unique features and accessories that you will not find elsewhere to:

  • Save time
  • Eliminate errors
  • Achieve success.

Power Quality Analysis

Continuously examine every cycle of every input and trigger to a resolution of 8 microseconds. Trigger on swell, sag (dip), inrush, and advanced triggering types such as absolute and relative high-speed transient events. Choose your triggering mode:

  • Allow the trigger thresholds to be set automatically for you by the meter, based on the voltages it sees
  • Set the trigger thresholds yourself for voltages and currents, setting swell, sag (dip), inrush, absolute transient levels, and relative transient levels.

Power Logging

Monitor just about any power system or load in the world:

  • 3-phase delta/wye, 4-wire delta, open/grounded delta, 2CT/2PT – 3CT/2PT – 3CT/3PT metering circuits, split-phase, single phase, multiple single phase, and of course DC.
  • Choose from among 600 unique measurement types to log each second. All the basic measurement types are included: Vpn, Vpp, Amp, Watt, VA, VAR, TPF, THD. Advanced and specialized types are also included: Wpos/Wneg, VARpos/VARneg, DPF, Unbalance, Individual harmonics.
  • Separately log positive, negative, and net KVAR and KW for meeting reporting requirements, designing PF correction, and evaluating utility costs.
  • Summaries of the average, maximum, and minimum of each value, as well as the present values can be viewed on the analyzer’s display at any time.
  • Verify your connections are correct at any time with SureStart or view the waveforms and phasor diagram on the display.
  • All measurements and the initial automatic capture of waveforms can be viewed and analyzed in our PSM-A Windows software (power analysis features).
PS5000 Handheld

Harmonic Analysis

Log the THD and the magnitude of individual harmonics of every input, each second. View harmonics at any time as a bar chart. Log THD and individual harmonics of every input. Export logged individual harmonic data to Excel.

A Solution For Success

SureStart™ System

A patented AI system that warns you of possible connections errors prior to monitoring, with the push of a button.


ReportWriter Wizard™

Summarize data in a professional report with graphs and tables that turn raw data into meaningful visuals, with just a few clicks.


DataSetup Wizard™

Tell your PS5000 how to record data by setting triggering thresholds, using special operating modes, and much more.



Failing is not an option when monitoring for extended periods. Redundant memory storage, power, communications, and control come standard.


Unlimited Capabilities

The widest range of measurement accessories and a family of analyzers to buy and rent, all using the same Windows software.


TestPlan Manager™

Create a test plan and load it into your analyzers so they “know” the plan. Single click to retrieve, re-route, and re-name the data without error.


What’s Included

PS5000 Front

PS5000 Analyzer

Deluxe Voltage Lead Set

Deluxe Voltage Leads

SD Memory Card

High Capacity SD Memory Card

CHG4 small

Wall Charger 120V or 230V


Latest PSM-A Software


Quick Start Guide


1-Year Deluxe Warranty

Why You Want This

The PS5000 is the highest tier analyzer in the PowerSight family and a recommended choice for electrical professionals. It is the smallest graphical power quality analyzer in the world by weight and form factor.
The PS5000 is the right analyzer if you:

  • Want the best, most capable meter for almost any power quality analysis study
  • Want to capture multiple views of power quality events in order to understand and mitigate power quality problems
  • Want the complete Start-to-Finish Power Monitoring Solution
  • Want the largest array of accessories for measuring any power in any situation
  • PS5000 Brochure

Who is Using PowerSight?

  • Electrical Testing Services
  • Engineering – Power Design / Analysis / Consulting
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Hospital / Health Care
  • Industrial Equipment Manufacturers
  • Industrial Processes
  • Power Generation / Distribution / Utilities
  • Hi-Tech Manufacturing / Information Tech
  • Industrial Suppliers/Distributors
  • Transportation
  • Chemicals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction / Architecture
  • Property / Facilities Management
  • Agriculture / Food
  • Biotech
  • Education
  • Education
  • Government
  • Military / Defense
  • Aviation
  • Research

Typical PS5000 Applications

Evaluate Quality of Incoming Power

Verify that your utility is delivering power within an acceptable voltage range over time. Check if nearby facilities are affecting your power. Verify if long power lines or over-capacity situations are having an adverse effect on your operations. Trigger on voltage swells and sags. Trigger of high speed transients. See what is happening in several different presentation viewpoints. PowerSight is unique in its ability to connect directly to distribution power (with optional medium voltage probes) to see what is happening at the source.

Evaluate Quality of Power Within Facilities to Find Failure Causes

If equipment is failing prematurely or is mysteriously taking itself off-line, you want to evaluate the voltage of the branch line and the current draw of parallel circuits. In addition to fine logging, trigger on swells and sags of voltage and inrush of current. Capture several views of what is happening in order to evaluate the source and the solution of the problem.

Evaluate Harmonic Distortion of Power

Modern electronic equipment introduces harmonics into a power system, which can have unforeseen consequences. Safety risks related to overheating can arise but can easily be identified by an analyzer with harmonics analysis.

Verify ATS & Backup Power

Trigger on loss of power to record the response of your ATS and backup power systems. Just as importantly, judge the handover of power from battery to diesel and from diesel to utility upon recovery. Trigger on current spikes and voltage over/under voltages that can damage equipment.


Power Factor Mitigation

Evaluate power factor correction needs by logging positive and negative VAR and DPF.

Evaluate Motor Health

In addition to normal monitoring, log the voltage and current imbalance over time. Directly connect to 4160V motors with our optional medium voltage probes. Evaluate power at the motor and in front of VFDs for the full picture. factor correction, and power backup. Medium Voltage Solutions

Cost & Efficiency Analysis

Automatically view projected cost, run time costs, peak demand period, power factor profiles and more to verify projected savings, check utility bills, shed loads, minimize power factor penalties. Perform before/after and A/B analyses for informed decision making. Our ReportWriter Wizard™ provides clear summaries and comparisons with a minimum of effort.


View Waveforms, Phasors, Harmonics, VisualSureStart, and more in your hand


General Specs

Category Notes
Size 3.89″ (9.86 cm) W x 7.72″ (19.61 cm) L x 1.58″ (4.01 cm) Deep at bottom end; 2.14″ (5.44 cm) Deep at top end
Weight 1.2 lbs (0.56 kg)
Operating Range 32 – 122 degrees F (0 – 50 degrees C) Relative humidity to 70% (non-condensing)
Power Requirement 12V DC @ 500 mA
Battery Life 8-10 hours after 4 hour charge
Battery Type Li-ion
Sampling Rate 8 microseconds for Voltage and Current
Safety 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV
SD Card Slot Accepts SD Cards to 32GB
Logging Period (Resolution) 1 Second – 99 Minutes
Logging Duration (Length of session) up to 2 years according to memory allocation
Communications Bluetooth Wireless and USB at 460.8 kbps, Wi-Fi optional

Voltage Measurement

Category Notes
Range 1-1000 Vrms Steady-State (direct input)
Display Range 1-6000 kV (using input ratios)
Accuracy ±0.1 % of reading ±0.3 Vrms

Current Measurement

Category Notes
Range Depends on probes
Display Range 1 mA – 6 Megamps (using input ratios)
Accuracy ±0.1 % of reading plus accuracy of probes

Frequency Measurement

Category Notes
Range DC, 22 – 200 Hz, 360 – 440 Hz Fundamental
Accuracy ±0.25%

Harmonics Measurement

Category Notes
THD Harmonic Inclusion 1-50th (50th Harmonic @ 50/60 Hz), per IEC
THD Accuracy ±0.75%
Individual Harmonics Can log 1-63rd of voltages & currents
Individual Harmonic Accuracy (50/60Hz fund.) (Accuracy + accuracy of current probe) 1st through 22nd: ±0.5%, 23rd through 50th: ±1.0%,
51st through 63rd: ±1.25%
THD Display Range 0 – 999%


Category Notes
Swell/Sag (Dip)/Inrush 1/2 Cycle RMS
Transient Detection 8 microseconds, instantaneous
Harmonics Accuracy ±0.25%

Quotes from Our Customers

Who is Using PowerSight?

“I don’t think I can think of anything negative to say about Summit. When I call for help or have any questions, they are very responsive. They take care of their customers.”
– J.W., Health Care Industry
“Ever since our first rental, staff have been so very helpful with meeting equipment / rental needs.”
– J.M., Engineering Consulting Services
“Working with Summit technologies has been an awesome experience great technical support and training” “Summit technologies meets my requirements 100%”
– J.K., Oil and Gas Industry

See more customer reviews here

PowerSight Around the World

We have done business in 58+ countries and territories, and all 7 continents. That’s right, our analyzers have made their way down to Antarctica! An ever-expanding list, which country will be next?

PowerSight map of business done

Warranty / Maintenance Program

Every PS5000 comes with a standard 12-Month Deluxe Warranty. Deluxe Warranty Details


  • Repair or replacement of covered defects & failures during the warranty period
  • Free upgrades to the latest Windows PSM-A analysis and reporting software, for enhanced capabilities
  • Free upgrades to the latest firmware for the analyzer for enhanced performance and new features
  • 1 calibration of the analyzer with one set of probes during each year of the extended warranty / maintenance period ($200/year value)
  • Replacement of out-of-tolerance batteries
  • Coverage of new product warranties extend to all PowerSight probes, adapters, carrying cases, & other optional items purchased with the analyzer

Extend or Renew Your Warranty / Maintenance Coverage



Extend new product warranty by 1 year



Extend new product warranty by 2 years


*must be purchased at the same time as the analyzer


Renew your Deluxe warranty for 1 year
$395 USD


Renew your Deluxe warranty for 2 years
$595 USD

Technical Support

Our technical support staff know our products and your applications. We design and support our products for both the first-time renter and the daily professional user. We are always improving the products and are committed to your success!
Types of support:

  • Answering questions about product operation and software usage
  • Troubleshooting errors and bugs
  • Assistance with finding & purchasing the right equipment for your needs
  • Maintenance requests for products under warranty
  • Whatever we can do to help you achieve success


For general questions and comments, email:
For specific issues, submit the Technical Service Request Form
For immediate service, call (925)-944-1212* or send us a message in the Live Chat box* in the bottom right corner of the page
*standard coverage is weekdays 8:00AM – 5:00PM PST

What’s Included

PS5000 Front

PS5000 Analyzer

Deluxe Voltage Lead Set

Deluxe Voltage Leads

SD Memory Card

High Capacity SD Memory Card

CHG4 small

Wall Charger 120V or 230V


Latest PSM-A Software


Quick Start Guide


1-Year Deluxe Warranty

Recommended Add-Ons

eFX6000 probe small

eFX6000 – Flexible current probe: 1-6000 amps

Wide Range Flexible Current Probe 1  –  6000 Amps

The eFX6000 is a flexible AC current probe covering the entire measurement range of 1 to 6000 amps. The rope is just 0.91 inches (23 mm) thick so it can fit through narrow places and is 24 inches long so it can wrap around multiple cables or a busbar (36 inch length is also available). Self-powered via our meter, so there are NO batteries that can run down.



LDCm – 480V Line-to-DC Converter

A favorite of professionals. The LDCm will power your analyzer off of the voltage that it is monitoring in the range of 100-480V. This allows locking your analyzer inside of a power panel with no power cord entering the closed panel. This provides maximum safety and security. Added safety is achieved by eliminating the use of extension cords. The small size and short voltage leads allow fitting the LDC into any space near your power analyzer in cramped electrical panels.


CAS3 front closed

CAS3 – Hard Shell System Case

Our most popular system carrying case, it is standard to our prepackaged analysis systems.  The CAS3 is small enough to stow overhead on an airplane, tough enough to toss into the back of a truck, and has cushioned cutouts for all the essentials of your system.


5KVP Set

5KVPSet – 5kV High Voltage Probe Set

5 KVP Voltage Probes (3 Probes, Case)

The PowerSight 5KVPSet allows you to safely directly monitor medium voltages up to 5KV. It is a set of three probes. Great for use with 4160V motors. Your only choice when there are no PTs (Potential Transformers) available or you want to bypass PTs.



WAR51, WAR52, RWAR51, RWAR52

Choice of 1 to 2 years in addition to the new product warranty for PS5000

Other Relevant Items

PK5064 small

PK5064 – PS5000 System with MEM2, DXV, eFX6000, SD-MEM, CAS3, WAR51, CHG1/CHG4, PSM-A

System Includes: PS5000 Analyzer, Expanded Memory (MEM2), Voltage Leads (DXV), (4) eFX6000 Current Probes, SD-MEM Card, CAS3 Hard Shell Carrying Case, 1-Year Deluxe Warranty, Wall Charger (CHG1 or CHG4), Quick Start Guide (QSG), and PSM-A Software


PK5064-PRO small

PK5064 PRO – PS5000 System with MEM2, DXV, eFX6000, SD-MEM, CAS3, WAR51, CHG1/CHG4, PSM-A, LDCm, BTA, USB-COMM

System Includes: PS5000 Analyzer, Expanded Memory (MEM2), Voltage Leads (DXV), (4) eFX6000 Current Probes, SD-MEM Card, CAS3 Hard Shell Carrying Case, 1-Year Deluxe Warranty, Wall Charger (CHG1 or CHG4), Mini Line-to-DC Converter (LDCm), Bluetooth Adapter (BTA), USB-COMM Cable, Quick Start Guide (QSG), and PSM-A Software


PK5064-PRO+ small

PK5064 PRO+ – PS5000 System with MEM2, DXV, eFX6000, SD-MEM, CASW, WAR52, CHG1/CHG2, PSM-A, LDCm, BTA, USB-COMM

System Includes: PS5000 Analyzer, Expanded Memory (MEM2), Voltage Leads (DXV), (4) eFX6000 Current Probes, SD-MEM Card, CASW Weather-Resistant Carrying/Operating Case, 2-Year Deluxe Warranty, Wall Charger (CHG1 or CHG4), Mini Line-to-DC Converter (LDCm), Bluetooth Adapter (BTA), USB-COMM Cable, Quick Start Guide (QSG), and PSM-A Software


PS4550 Tilt Right

PS4550 – PowerSight 4550 Power Quality Analyzer

Our Best Text Display Power Quality Analyzer. Excellent power monitoring and analysis coupled with sophisticated triggering and event capture. Eliminate errors and increase your productivity from start to finish with TestPlan Manager™ integration, SureStart™ connections expert, Data Setup wizard™, and ReportWriter wizard™.