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Trade In & Trade Up

Ready to step up in capability? Then, it’s time to trade in your seasoned PowerSight analyzers for an upgrade!

How it Works

Trade in a PowerSight analyzer and get credit towards one of our current eligible models. You can trade in any PowerSight that you are ready to move up from, and as long as it is fully functional, we’ll take it off your hands.

Tell our sales staff which analyzer you want to trade in and which analyzer you want to upgrade to. We will quote you a discount depending on what your analyzer’s trade-in value is. Send us your meter, and once we verify that it works, we will ship your brand new upgrade!

Trade-Ins are 1 for 1. Only one power analyzer may be traded in for one upgraded analyzer. There is no limit to how many trade-ins you can make, however.

PS4000 to PS5000 Trade-In

Trade in a PS4000 for the top-of-the-line PS5000

PS3000 to PS3550 Upgrade

Trade Up for new and improved technology

Find Out How Much You Can Save