5KVP – 5 kV Voltage Probe (Single)

5KVP voltage probe allows direct connection between your PowerSight meter and 5,000 Vrms.
The outputs from the probe connect directly to your PowerSight analyzer, allowing complete analysis of medium voltage power up to 5KV.

This product is only warranted for use with PowerSight analyzers. Also, due to safety/liability considerations, this product cannot be returned for refund once shipped, except for warranty repair and calibration.


Summit Technology provides the 5KVP voltage probe to safely connect directly to voltages up to 5 kilovolts and do complete power and harmonic analysis on medium voltage loads, such as 4160V motors.
Normally, professionals who wish to measure 4,160 volt lines need to locate an installed PT (potential transformer) and then connect to the secondary of the PT. At that time, they enter the PT ratio into the PowerSight analyzer so that primary voltage values will be displayed and recorded. However, sometimes a convenient PT is not available, or the measurement must bypass the PT to verify whether the metering circuit is correct, or the frequency response of the PT is too limited to do harmonic analysis.
The 5KVP provides a solution in those situations, allowing direct connection between the primary voltage and your PowerSight analyzer. Simply connect the 5KVP outputs to your PowerSight analyzer and to ground. Enter a 100:1 input ratio into your PowerSight analyzer and then hook the 5KVP probe onto the medium voltage.
The connection to the medium voltage is via a shepherd’s hook that has a 1/4 inch inside diameter. The hook attachment facilitates hands-free measurement and long-term monitoring of 5kV lines.  For added security on longer studies, you can tape the hook safely onto the connection point.
Each probe has a ground clamp, a neutral connector and a reduced voltage connector. The neutral and voltaage output connectors are safety banana plugs. Each lead is labeled to advise where to hook it up.
The 5KV probes may also be purchased as a set of three, including a carrying case (order 5KVPSet).
Whenever possible, connect the probes to a de-energized circuit. First, connect the ground lead of each of the probes to a secure ground point.
PLEASE NOTE:  This probe is used exclusively with the PowerSight® line of Energy Analyzers, manufactured by Summit Technology Inc.
Due to safety/liability considerations, this product cannot be returned for refund once sold, except for warranty repair and calibration

This means that connecting the probe to other meters results in an impedance mismatch which results in inaccurate readings.

Therefore our 5KVP probe is only guaranteed to work with PowerSight meters and due to the inherent risk when working with elevated voltages, we will not sell it to a customer who will use it with some other measuring device.

 Use of a 5KVP on a device other than a PowerSight meter voids all warranties for the probe and is undertaken by the user at their own risk.


  • Connect directly to medium voltages up to 5KV
  • Allows you to bypass PTs (Potential Transformers)
  • Shepherd’s hook for easy connection to medium voltage (1/4 inch inside diameter)
  • Measure harmonics up to 3000 Hz
  • All connections are labeled and advisory labels are attached, for review each time the probe is used
  • For use exclusively with PowerSight® line of Energy Analyzers
    Note: It is recommended that installation and removal be done on a de-energized circuit


Voltage Measurement Range:  500 to 5,000 Vrms

Voltage Linearity:  +/-1% over measurement range for fundamental frequencies of 50, 60, and 400 Hz

Frequency Response:

  • within +/-1% from 50 to 500Hz
  • within +/-2% from 501 to 1000Hz
  • within +/-5% from 1001 to 2000Hz
  • within +/-10% from 2001 to 3000Hz

Probe Dimensions:  14.75 inches long.  Maximum diameter is 3 inches at the safety ring, tapering down to ½ inch outside diameter at the hook.

Shepherd’s Hook Dimensions:  connection hook has 1/4 inch inside diameter.

Fully Extended Length:  from connectors to hook, probe is 7 feet long.

Weight:  Probe weighs less than 1 pound.

Scale:  For direct reading of actual voltage, set meter for 100:1 input ratio.

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