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Customer Referral Program

An opportunity to receive a tangible “thank you” for contributing to our success.

How it Works

You have the opportunity to get a reward from making a referral that results in a new PowerSight customer. Here are the steps to receiving a referral reward:

  1. You (an existing PowerSight user) refer PowerSight to someone who’s never purchased a PowerSight product or service. Tell them to mention you by name when they place their first order!
  2. When the new customer places their order, they tell us that they were referred to PowerSight by you, and provides your contact information.
  3. Our sales team double checks that they are indeed a new customer.
  4. Once the new order has been confirmed, we send you a $50 or $250 gift card (to Amazon or Home Depot), depending on the purchase. You may also apply your reward to a PowerSight purchase instead of a gift card.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can collect rewards for, but each must be a new customer.



To be eligible for the Referral reward, you must:

  • Have used a PowerSight product before,
  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • And reside in a territory where such referral programs are legal

A “new customer” or “first time purchaser” must be:

  • A company never billed by Summit Technology
  • Or a new division/department of an existing customer (as determined by Summit Technology)

Eligible Systems

PK5064-PRO+ small

$250 Reward

PK5064-PRO small

$250 Reward

PK5064 small

$250 Reward

PK4564-PRO+ small

$250 Reward

PK4564-PRO small

$250 Reward

PK4564 small

$250 Reward

PK3564-PRO+ small

$250 Reward

PK3564-PRO small

$250 Reward

PK3564 small

$250 Reward

Terms & Conditions

These are the rules of the agreement. Disagreement/or noncompliance with these terms disqualifies a participant from collecting a reward. Summit Technology, Inc. reserves the sole right to settle any disputes regarding the terms and conditions, can disqualify referrals at its sole discretion, can amend these terms at any time, and can end the program at any time. However, rest assured that it is our pleasure to see you benefit from any effort to refer our products!

This Referral Awards Program cannot be used in combination with any other Discount or Referral program offered by Summit Technology, Inc.


If a referral qualifies, sales staff at Summit Technology will offer a referral award on the following products:

  • $250 from a full purchase of a PK5064 series, PK4564 series, or PK3564 series System
  • $50 from any 1-month rental

The referrer will be asked for their preference between available popular gift cards (e.g. Amazon or Home Depot) or if they would like to use their reward as a sales credit towards a PowerSight purchase.

A referrer may make unlimited qualified referrals to new customers and collect a reward for each approved referral (until the program ends). A new customer is a company never billed by Summit Technology, OR a new division/department of an existing customer (as determined  by Summit Technology). A referrer may be disqualified from the program if Summit Technology, Inc. suspects fraud or harassment.

Liability Release

Unfortunately, we must include language to limit our liability in this otherwise straightforward program: Except where prohibited by law, participants agree to all the terms of this offer and release Summit Technology, Inc. of all claims related to it. Summit Technology, Inc. is not liable for personal expenses, loss of time or missed opportunities, damages, nor privacy breaches due to pictures or data supplied as part of the referral program. Summit Technology is also not liable for any lost, stolen, corrupted, or erroneous information communicated as part of this program.  In all cases, the participants (referrer and referee) agree to assume any liability arising out of their participation and the communications with Summit Technology, Inc.

Participant, either referrer or referred customer, agrees to be contacted by email and/or phone call by representatives and employees of Summit Technology.

Summit Technology, Inc. reserves the right to cancel the program at any point if they suspect the safety and integrity of the program has been altered or compromised.

Applicable Law

Except where prohibited, any sources and claims of legal action as a result of this program will be resolved under the laws of the United States of America and California, legal locus being the County of Contra Costa.

Referrer’s Code of Conduct

Referrers agree not to abuse this referral program for harassment, annoyance of others, bulk or spam messaging, collecting personal data of others, or any illegal activities.


In order to receive rewards, referrers must divulge personal information to Summit Technology, Inc. (by themselves or through the referred customer). Summit Technology, Inc. needs adequate information to contact the referrer and award them their reward, if qualified. This information will include: first and last name, email address, phone number, company affiliation, job title/function, and physical address. Summit Technology, Inc. will not share or sell this information without the consent of the participant. Participants willingly provide this information and agree to initially receive advertising and marketing materials from Summit Technology, Inc. through the provided form(s) of contact. Personal information will be collected and used in accordance with Summit Technology, Inc.’s privacy policy.